Happy Birthday to My Favorite

I never know how to put my feelings about this guy into words. He's my biggest supporter, my favorite hand to hold, and my best friend. One year ago, I had just moved to Pittsburgh, after too many months of living in different states. It felt like we had just been married all over again. Learning the sweet rhythms of every day was wonderful. Although we were in a brand new city, most evenings were spent making homemade dinners and slowly renovating our fixer upper. Those sweet moments of simply doing life together were my favorite. 

Fast forward, and I could not imagine this past year without him. I graduated from two masters programs, started my first full-time job, and jumped into the wedding photography world, all with Todd by my side. There were many days of doubts and fear, but he has always been my rock and reminded me of why dreams are worth chasing after. I'm tearing up just thinking about how happy he makes me.

And that is why today is worth celebrating. Because when you love someone this much, a birthday is a big deal. Todd, I am so grateful you were born 26 years ago on a snowy Kentucky Derby day. Spending the past seven birthdays with you has been the best, but this is only the beginning of our adventures. Thank you for constantly building me up, pushing me forward, and loving me no matter what. Happy Birthday Baby!