Johnstown Engagement | Jenny + Mitch

These two make me smile! I met Jenny and Mitch in their hometown of Johnstown for a morning engagement session. After a few photographs downtown, we headed to the top of the incline. The city had been covered in fog most of the morning, and it was just starting to lift as we arrived. 

How did the two of you meet? We knew of each other in high school. We went to neighboring school districts and attended the same music summer camp. When I (Mitch) got hired at Forest Hills, Jenny was at Shippensburg playing in their concert band. They were looking for schools to play at for a fall recruiting tour in the western portion of the state. They ended up getting lost coming to the building, and I had to leave for another band event. I didn't even get to see them perform. She graduated at the end of that year and moved back to Johnstown. There aren't many "exciting" places to hang out in Johnstown, so we bumped into each other quite a few times. I thought she was very cute, but she was in a relationship at the time. So, later that year, spring time or so, I had heard she was single, so I asked her out...and got denied. She was already seeing someone else. She did some substitute teaching at Forest Hills, and we bumped into each other during that time, which was super awkward. A year goes by, and I'm playing in a pit orchestra for a high school musical. We're on break, and I'm checking Facebook and see that she is single again. I get her phone number from a friend and give her a call. We went out on a date, and the rest, as they say, is history

Tell me about the proposal! She picked out the ring, which is good, because I have zero clue about diamonds. We talked about getting engaged for many months before I bought the ring. I ended up buying it a week before we were to leave to go to my cousin's wedding. I picked up the ring on a Monday, and we left on Friday. She knew that the engagement was coming, so she had been searching for the ring in different places of the house. I hid it under the spare tire in the back of the car until we got to Michigan. We went for a walk along Lake Michigan, and I asked her to marry me there. 

After we wrapped up our session, we headed to a local spot for breakfast. I love when clients become sweet friends! I cannot wait to celebrate these two in July.