The Best Day

I have finally graduated and moved in with my husband. Living apart has been so difficult, but I am grateful to finally live in the same state again. It has been a busy time for us, and this guy has been incredible. Not only did he finish the most beautiful closet for my birthday, but he single handedly finished our master bedroom (my new favorite room in the house). After just a few nights of sanding drywall with him, I am incredibly thankful for the hard work he has put in while I was finishing up school. This house is starting to feel like home because of my handy man.


T, you are truly my best friend, and I hope you have the loveliest of birthdays. I am so blessed to wake up beside you each morning, and I pray that I can  be the wife you deserve. I love making dinner with you, going on long walks with you, renovating our house with you, snuggling with you. But most of all, I just love being yours. Happy Birthday Baby!