Our First Home


It's been a cold and snowy winter, but we've been busy working on our new house! When we found out we were moving to another state, we debated renting or buying. But after finding this little fixer upper, we were sold. She officially became ours mid-January, and we have been tearing up, painting, and putting things back together ever since. Here are some photos of the house when we bought it. The after will be coming soon :).


This is the living room. I know the color is quite overwhelming.

While we were waiting for the building inspector to finish up, I snapped this. A cute red haired boy, sitting in a red chair, in a bright red room. Seems pretty perfect to me.


This is the "third bedroom," but it has the only access to the backyard. So I am thinking it would be a great future office.


This little sunroom makes me really happy. I have big plans for this space.


The basement is already partially finished. But let's be honest, we are using it as a storage room at the moment.


Welcome to the master bedroom! I'm sorry if you were digging the mint green plywood walls. They are already gone.

This lovely pine wood paneling is also gone. We weren't in love with the summer camp cabin vibe.


Okay, I can't leave you thinking we live in this room. So here is a simple paint job.


And I wasn't kidding when I said the rest of the house is torn up. We are finishing up drywall and getting floors refinished. Stay tuned for some beautiful after photos. If you ever need a place to stay in Pittsburgh, you know who to call.