Missing My Husband

My week of spring break is wrapping up, and it was hard! Normally, I welcome a break, but I found myself wandering around like a lost puppy. My husband was out of town this week, and I was so so excited for the opportunities God is providing. But I was also feeling selfish. I was alone. In our cold apartment. With no internet or cable. I proceeded to watch many movies, eat too much ice cream, and stay in my sweatpants all day. I knew I loved my husband, but this week it became clear just how much. He truly completes me, and it is obvious I have no idea what to do without him. Now that  he is home in my arms, we are going to spend the rest of this break cuddling, exploring our beautiful city, making yummy meals, and more cuddling.

T, thank you so much for the incredible love and support you show me every day. I had no idea how full my heart could be with love for you. I missed you so much, but I know this waiting will be worth it. God is doing big things. And I mean BIG. In 49 years when we are celebrating our 50th anniversary, I know we will look back on this and smile. And know that our love now is nothing compared to what it will be. I can't wait to grow up with you by my side. Before summer gets here, I want more snuggles, more time sleeping in, more homemade dinners, more date nights, more walks after dinner, more praying together, and more of focusing on what matters. Love, Honey