Making Things Happen Part 1

You have been warned: I am going to get very real in this series. I am going to spill my guts in an attempt to get it all out and hopefully share with others. It is not pretty, but thank you so so much for your support. If you are reading this, you mean the world to me. Enjoy!

I have been dreaming and planning and thinking. But when I face the truth, I’ve been DOING absolutely nothing. I have been waiting for everything to fall into place, for that perfect moment to take the next step. But I realized there is no perfect moment. There is only me having the courage to just do it. It is not always sunshine and butterflies. It is hard work and change and growth. Oh, how I need that growth. So what is this “it” anyway? My dream. That will soon be my reality, my every day, my life. I am no longer settling for simply getting through each day. I want to wake up alive, passionate, and hungry for more. More of what God has blessed me with.

If you know me well, you may be wondering what the heck is going on. Doesn’t Breanna have her life figured out? Isn’t she suffering through seven years of college to work in the profession she has been dreaming of since fifth grade? And you would be absolutely right. That was me five years ago, and I did have it all figured out. At least, that is what I thought. I was a straight A student with a five year plan and thought nothing could stand in my way. I was going to save the world. I was not going to date at all. I was going to focus on school and love could happen later. That all changed when I met this boy. And I am so happy God had other plans. Todd pushes me every day to follow my dreams, and I am so grateful for his endless support.

This past week has been eye opening. I attended the Making Things Happen Intensive in Chicago, spending an entire day with the most incredible women. It challenged me. It awakened my soul. It forced me to get things done. All of these big ideas swimming around in my head were going nowhere. So I wrote until my fingers hurt. And then I wrote some more. My dreams were begging to be put to paper, and now that they are out, I feel empowered. I am ready to do the hard work. I am no longer afraid of failure. Because with God, all things are possible. Absolutely all things.

This is only the beginning…